Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Real Joy of Togetherness

We live in a world that has been spiraling towards digitization at a maddening pace. Out on the roads or indeed inside the homes or even the schools and colleges, wherever we cast a glance all we can see is people of all ages and genders immersed in their mobiles or laptops. School children, instead of playing on the streets or playgrounds are spending more time with their heads immersed in a mobile phone. College students, when they should be enjoying their best days talking and interacting with their friends in real time are instead wasting time 'Liking or Re-Tweeting or Updating their Status' on various social media sites. Colleagues in offices are submerged in either writing long drawn e-mails or worthless chatting.

Two of my very close friend's celebrated their birthdays just last week. The best that I could do for them on this special occasion was WhatsApp them a 'Happy Birthday' message. Throughout the day, I thought about calling them and wishing them but office work had consumed me so much that I kept putting it for later. By night I thought it was too late to call anyway and dropped the idea finally. And they were my very close friends, people with whom I have practically lived in a single room for 4 straight years.

Last night, I remembered what birthdays meant to us in those heady engineering days when we lived in a hostel and when upcoming birthdays meant an almost festive like atmosphere amongst us. I remembered those Birthday bumps where the Birthday boy co-operated with a large heart. Those dinner parties where the amount of cake applied on the faces was much more than what was left to eat by the end. Those short trips to a beach where we would spend time playing cricket or just sit on the warm sand, watching the sunset and saying nothing as if silence and nature was everything that was needed to magically transfer our thoughts to each other. Ah!! How I miss those beautiful days, when we connected with each other by talking to one other and by being there physically in times of both joy and sadness or indeed madness!!!

Today I feel both, the warmth of happiness and the pang of sadness inside me - happiness because I have been lucky enough to have lived a life when we were not slaves of technology and sadness because I know that however hard I may try I will never be able to replicate those good old days again.

It is imperative that we give more importance to face to face communication, where we spend time with our family and friends and where we laugh and cry together, where we increase our happiness by sharing them and reduce our sadness, where we discuss our problems and try to lend a helping hand to others. We must live a life where we are still connected to people around us as indeed with our own selves!

Do watch this beautiful video of Kissanpur that talks of bringing back the 'Real Joy of Togetherness' :

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Final Walk Into the Sunset

Kumar Sangakkara was given a rousing welcome by the crowd and a respectful guard of honor by the Indian Cricket Team and the Umpires as he made his way out to the centre for his Final Innings...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Browsing Internet with Airtel 4G: Are You Ready?

Cricket and Mobile Internet: Where is the problem?

I am a cricket freak, as you all know. Caught between a full time grueling office job during the day and a busy cricket calendar, it is the internet that often comes to my rescue. That’s how I satisfy my cricket cravings in office or on the move.

Sounds perfect, right?!

Wrong. Imagine the disappointment when the same solution also doubles up my problem. Thing is my internet browsing network, which works at 2G internet data plan, is horrendously slow. This means I am left with videos that keep buffering endlessly only to stream at low resolutions, making it difficult to track the ball and the scores, when refreshed, take an eternity. Leaving my dream of matching matches LIVE just that – a dream…

Saying hello to high speed internet - Airtel 4G:

If you find your own story mirrored in mine, worry not, my friend - The power of 4G service is now here to our rescue! Get ready to jump to the next generation because gone will be the days of  ever-buffering cricket downloads & low resolution video streams. Thanks to India's leading service provider Airtel 4G, is the first telecom operator to do a nationwide roll out of high-speed 4G internet services across 296 cities in India! Isn’t that exciting news?!

It definitely is, for me! You know what this would mean -

Living all my cricket dreams with Airtel 4G data services:

This would mean now I can watch cricket matches – LIVE – yes, you got that right - LIVE that too in high resolution videos. No frustration of the low buffering speeds, so I get to watch the game as it is happening.

This would mean ball-by-ball commentary refreshed in mind-blowing accuracy and timing. As on TV, so on my mobile. Seriously, that is the only way a game like cricket can be enjoyed.

This would mean browsing at a neck-break speed! Faster than any available network out there and swifter than any we have previously known. Videos, text, graphics – everything at the touch of my fingertip, in full clarity and with no lag time whatsoever.

This would also mean more of blogging and keeping my beloved blog, CricketWise updated with all the latest in the news. No excuses any more after watching a game and getting on the job right away - bang-on with my analysis and opinions!

Am I dreaming or is this really REAL?

Such speed sounds almost unbelievable, right? All I can say is that it’s a boon and the prices that the service is being rolled out is very reasonable as well (4G available at 3G prices). You just need to grab a 4G device from the market and request for a 4G sim - Airtel will do the rest for you. For Free!

So yeah - It is REAL. And for all of you skeptics out there, there's something in store too - Airtel is offering a free demo in their stores to experice 4G first-hand. You can even challenge them and if your network is faster, they will pay your mobile bills for life!

About me, well, I am already convinced and can’t wait to upgrade my services - so here's to my cricketing passion and here's three, umm... nah - Four cheers to Airtel 4G! Hip Hip... Hurray!!!!

Important features: Quick Glance and How you can activate?

•  Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services
•  Nationwide rollout across 296 cities
•  4G available at 3G prices
•  Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G
•  Free home deliverey of 4G SIM

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Say NO to Crash Diets, Say YES to Honey Diet!

Who doesn’t like to look slim, tall, and slender and well, just - beautiful?

I, for one, do. For this, summer season is one of the best times to cleanse and detox your body to get in good shape. As the weather gets warmer, the body tries to remain cooler by yearning for less food and more water and watery fruits like watermelon that are seasonally available in abundance.

While detoxing or getting rid of bodily waste can be a great idea to keep your body energized and revitalized in general, it also means that the resulting health impacts resulting from your detoxification efforts will depend on how you go about doing it in the first place. Let’s try to understand this in detail… read on:

Why say NO to Crash diets?

In a bid to lose weight fast, crash diets allure – what with the shortcut promise of ‘instant results’ that they bring along but be warned: Indulging in a rapid crash course diet can play havoc on your body as well as the heart. A dangerous remark indeed, but one that most nutritionists and cardiologists all over the world confirm.

Researchers suggest that crash diets slow down metabolism causing a major imbalance obstructing the regular efficiency of the body. In return, even though the goal of getting thin fast may be achieved – the long term effect of the entire diet-quest can be hazardous to the health. The changed functioning patterns in the body start to manifest in drastic health problems like drowsy posture, lack in stamina and strength, dark circles, weak immune system and cardiac stress.

Here's a Sweeter and Safer Alternative: Honey Diet -

Now that we have crossed ‘Crash diets’ and anything and everything that is harmful for the body (including sugerated drinks, smoothies and ice-creams) out of our summer detox plan, there must surely be an alternative to losing weight – safely and sweetly while still enjoying the season?

YES, there is and that is: The latest Dabur initiative - Honey Diet.

Traditionally, the benefits of honey are many proven over the ages and recognized in the Ayurvedic healing system. A spoon of honey, laced in natural sugars and carbohydrates, taken early in the morning acts as a wonderful energizer helping you manage your weight and aiding in easy digestion. It’s moisturizing and nourishing qualities helps to protect the skin against the harsh sun-effects by keeping the skin soft and supple.

What you can do is get innovative by introducing honey as part of your recipes and daily regime. Or, you can chart your own personalized fitness plan by taking a 3 click online fitness test here.

Why say YES to a healthy balanced diet?

Say yes to a healthy balanced diet… why?

Because you respect your body. Because, you know that nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved by embarking on shortcut routes. Because you realize that the joy of achieving something, anything lies in the journey and not the destination.

And that journey - if healthy, if balanced, if natural - will reward you with your ‘beautiful’ dream in the sweetest (pun intended!) form, one that will be with you to cherish for a lifetime! Right?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Staying Cricket-Connected with UC Cricket!

I have been a cricket buff ever since I can remember. I guess my craziness for the game was inherited from my father, running through my genes even when I was born. This explains why I have been addicted to the game right from a young age. I could bunk classes, skip my homework, forget about my meals – someone just had to spell the word ‘CRICKET’ for me and rest assured, I would be glued – much to the chagrin of my parents and teachers.

My sister often remarked in vain: You are not the umpire, for goodness sake - you can move!

Hah! If I really cared?! What I did care about was if my favorite players were running in good form and the records being stashed and milestones achieved – all this was duly recorded and preserved in the mini cricketing cafĂ© I built for myself, in my cricket-captivated brain.

Unfortunately with the advent of times, with a full time job, a career to handle and ambitions to take care of, my first love – cricket had to take a backseat. I was literally left with no other choice. Missing out on cricket matches was now the norm. Browsing various cricket sites led to disappointment because of their huge lag in transmission and coverage speeds. Checking latest score updates on Google became a headache! Deep down, I felt a tinge of sadness on having to miss out on something I loved so much…

But as they say, patience bears fruits. So here, finally, came the good news: NOW - I have a solution!

And the solution is UC Browser - UC Cricket – Surf it all, Surf it fast!

UC Browser has introduced its new section, UC Cricket that comes pre-loaded with all the features promising to make life easier for professional people like me.

Just one click from the homepage of the UC Browser and you get access to UC Cricket (in blue icon) – it’s that easy to install!

Now, you don't have to miss the cric-fun - Download UC Cricket on UC Browser.

Browsing UC Cricket on the go has made my life so much easier and cricket-connected. Latest cricket scores refresh automatically so that I can keep an eye on it even while managing important work in my office. Browsing news while in trains or buses is super speedy too. Now, my work is no longer neglected in my craving for cricket. In fact, I have become so much more efficient that is well reflected in my interactions with my co-workers, colleagues and family.

The best thing, however, that I love about UC Cricket is the live streaming of videos – its seamless transmissions give me the same joy that I used to enjoy in my childhood days.

Really, for a true-blue cricket lover, UC Cricket has been nothing short of a Godly-boon for me. It’s so nice to have someone who understands and by dedicating a space exclusively for cricket fanatics like me, UC Browser, has indeed hit a sixer with UC Cricket that, I believe, is bound to break all boundaries and win many hearts.

Have you tried UC Cricket as yet?
How do you stay cricket-connected?

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