Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kumar Sangakkara Announces His Retirement

Sri Lankan legend and one of the greatest ever to play Test Cricket, Kumar Sangakkara announced that He will retire after the 2nd Test against India to be played later this year.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Bangladesh Blank India in the First ODI

I had recently written about how Bangladesh Cricket was finally looking up after they had 'BanglaWashed' Pakistan 3-0 in an ODI series. Yesterday, they displayed another show of their rapid improvement when they blanked a full strength Indian team with relative ease.

Debutant bowler Mustafizur Rahman fizzed out 5 Indian batsmen as his assortment of cutters and slower balls on a slow pitch in Dhaka were too much for the Indian line up to handle. Bangladeshi batting had been given a rapid start by Tamim Iqbal and a rampaging Saumya Sarkar as they raced to 100 in the 14th over. Although they lost momentum after the start but crisp contributions from Sabbir, Nasir, Shakib and Mortaza meant that Bangladesh had crossed 300 for the very first time against the Indians.

The batsmen were superbly backed up by the Bangla quartet of fast bowlers with the debutant Mustafizur leading the way. The raucous Dhaka crowd had got their moneys worth when Mortaza and Taskin repeated their World Cup chest bump, only this time it was sweeter as Bangladesh had ended up on the winning side.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tips for Healthy Radiant Skin - Naturally!

Nowadays, with the busy hectic routine lives that we have come to be accustomed with, does it often seem easier and convenient to you to just pick a skin care lotion or a cream right out of the shelf for a few bucks instead of investing time and energy by our own selves as our mothers and grandmothers used to do in their era?

Yes - so, what is wrong in that? The results are fast and the skin glow –instant, isn’t it?!

Right. But, did you know - this beauty that you regale in is temporary! What’s more, instead of nourishing your skin, some of these chemical-laced products can have drastic consequences in the long run including dangerous disesases like cancer!

The only solution is to go back to our roots and follow the skin care regimes already outlined by our ancestors. This was a time when beauty was not a dictate followed by the market driven community but a wisely driven venture that was natural, healthy and ayurvedic (Remember that ad: Vicco Turmeric – Nahi cosmetic…).

Natural remedies for beautiful skin known over the years have many benefits over their cosmetic counterparts - one of them being that they are really really easy to incorporate in our busy lives. Let me share a few of these, passed down by my mother to whom I am and will forever remain indebted for my healthy and youthful skin:

1. Drink plenty of water.

My mom always tells me “drink lots of water” and it makes sense too. Our bodies are 65 % water. No wonder then, our skin loves it. Water hydrates our skin and keeps it supple, smooth, wrinkle free and ageless. The benefits of drinking water on our bodies are truly innumerable.

2. Use of Multani Mitti.

Dirt and grime are a part and parcel of my everyday life, thanks to the pollution all around. Owing to my oily skin, there are times when an odd painful pimple pops out suddenly. In times like these, I turn to my mom and she has a remedy: Multani Mitti. Multani Mitti or fullers earth is a natural clay substance that has amazing healing properties against acne and sores. I have used it on numerous occasions and it has worked wonders for my skin – always!

3. Avoid Junk Food.

Jaisa Ann waisa mann. My mom always stresses on eating home cooked food which is full in vital nutrients and cooked in a hygienic, loving manner. Who can deny the benefits of natural fruits, vegetables and spices like papaya, blackberries, oranges, turmeric, broccoli, etc. over junk food filled in artificial flavors and preservative? Natural foods are laced in essential vitamins and antioxidants that are needed for a blemish free radiant skin.

4. Get adequate sleep.

Sleep is the best form of meditation. So says the global spiritual leader, Dalai Lama. My mom agrees. Sleep is often one of the most neglected, overlooked and abused part of our lifestyle that can cause puffy eyes, increase anxiety that can lead to lackluster lifeless skin. Imagine giving an important presentation in such a state! A good night's sleep keeps you and your skin fresh and beautiful for any and all kinds of activities during the day.

5. Protect yourself from the harsh sun.

Proper skin care from the harsh UV rays of the sun is important. Roaming unprotected in the sun can wreck havoc on the naturally sensitive skin making it coarse severe and sometimes irreversible sun damage. Carry an umbrella or wear a hat before stepping out of the house. I also use Aloe Vera leaf gel which has tremendous moisturizing effect, an instant relief to soothe my ultra sensitive skin.

These are the tips I follow. What about you?
Share your natural and healthy skin care tips and tricks in the comment section too!

Friday, May 15, 2015

'My Airtel App' download kiya kya?

Look around you: in trains, buses, even while walking down the streets, almost everyone we see is well-equipped with a smartphone today. Like it or not but a smartphone has made its way as the modern age ‘friend in need’ of a lot of people around us, age no bar. It’s the age of digitization after all. In the recent times, it has been difficult to rationalize just how fast companies have rolled their app-lications out. Their demands have increased and companies are more than happy to find a place in the pockets of their consumers. A WIN-WIN situation for all.

The latest app by Airtel - 'My Airtel App' which speaks of managing all your Airtel services like mobile, DTH and broadband in a few clicks on your mobile screen is the latest entrant in this app convoy. When I first heard of it, I thought why not give it a try and decided to download it for a better understanding of its features. Here’s a low-down on 3 key easy-to-use and handy features that caught my eye instantly:

1. Wynk’ing / Cricket News.

Wynk is a music feature that lets you stream, pick, download and play music of your choice. I love listening to music when I have got nothing else to do. It’s an immediate stress buster. So, this one has got to be there high up on my list of favorites.

Cricket scores and news is again something I look forward to be up to date with, no matter where I am, at home or on the move. With the one touch feature of ‘Airtel Live’, checking scores and browsing through the latest happenings in the world of cricket has become super easy!

2. Surprise coupons and bargains with every recharge.

Gone are the days when I had to stand in long queues and wait my turn. My Airtel App has made it extremely convenient for users to recharge by designing an interface that’s not only intuitive but also pretty simple to understand. The payments are safe and secured, so that really makes the process really stress-free.

The biggest perk of going for an app recharge is that after every recharge - the app rewards you with exciting coupons and bargains that can be redeemed for a variety of categories like shopping, food, etc. I am yet to recharge my cell but it’s the first time I can’t actually wait to do it!

3. Alerts on low balance, low data, bill payment, etc.

In the busy schedule of my routine hectic life, sometimes I tend to miss important deadlines and significant dates when bills have to be cleared and payments made. There have been times when I completely forgot about the recharge and had to pay the price by losing my connectivity with my near and dear ones.

This brings me to this feature which is a huge relief for forgetful people like me who have always worried about keeping reminders and notes. Times have changed though. With its intuitive and personalized push notification on payment due, low balance and pack refills - My Airtel App does that for me now!

PS: All features are currently available on Android. IOS release - coming soon.

This has been my experience till now. What about you?
Have you tried the ‘My Airtel App’ yet?
Which key features would you recommend to your friends?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Battle for the Purple Cap - Highest Wicket Takers of the IPL 2015 till Match 43

Here are the Highest Wicket takers of IPL 2015 till now -

Dwayne Bravo (Chennai Super Kings) - 17 Wickets from 11 matches at an Economy Rate of 7.52

Ashish Nehra (Chennai Super Kings) – 17 Wickets from 11 matches at an Economy Rate of 7.11

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar (Sunrisers Hyderabad) - 16 Wickets from 10 matches at an Economy Rate of 7.67

Mitchell Starc (Royal Challengers Bangalore) – 15 Wickets from 7 matches at an Economy Rate of 5.45

Imran Tahir (Delhi Daredevils) – 15 Wickets from 10 matches at an Economy Rate of 8.84

Which Bowler do you think will end up wearing the Purple Cap at the end of IPL 2015?

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