Sunday, December 13, 2015

Aamchi Mumbai - The City of Dreams!!

Mumbai, The city of dreams... The city that never sleeps... The city whose 'Never Say Die' spirit runs in the blood of the people who live here... The financial capital of India... The adda of Indian Film Industry 'Bollywood'... The home of Indian Cricket...

I can continue my post in this way and still I won't run out words to describe my beloved city but I'll try to do full justice to Mumbai as half-baked efforts are not something that this city appreciates!!!

Mumbai is named after Goddess Mumba Devi before which it was known as Bombay!! Life in Mumbai starts in the wee hours, when the whole country is sleeping, Mumbaikar's are already up and about, ready to catch the local train which will take them to their place of work or study! The humble 'Local Train' is the lifeline of this great city which connects every citizen to one another! It's a thread that binds all of Mumbai together, the link between the different parts of this huge city. It does not only link the vast city it also links the very hearts of Mumbaikar's, no wonder it's also referred to add the 'Heart of Mumbai'. It is also very well connected with Auto-rickshaws, Kaali Peeli Taxis, BEST Buses and Metro Rail System!!

The food of Mumbai is something that drives it! Literally! In a city where a huge amount of energy is spent on traveling to and fro between two places, there are a lot of hungry souls. People of this city are food mad and the city offers enough variety and choice to satiate everyone. From the delicious Indian burger 'Vada Pav' to the spicy 'Pav Bhaji'... From Bhel Puri to Pani Puri to Samosa, to exquisite high class dining options.. There is something for everyone no matter what your budget or taste!!

Mumbai is a city which is designed to enthrall anyone who lays his out her eyes on it. Take a walk along the Marine Drive for sheet beauty, take the blessings of Lord Ganpati at the famed Siddhivinayak Temple, listen to sufi songs at Haji Ali Dargah, marvel at the architectural wonders of the Gateway of India and the CST Railway Station, watch the kids play a game of cricket at the numerous maidans that dot this cricket crazy city, visit the Prince of Wales Museum or the Hanging Gardens... Or just sit back and relax at the Chowpaty or Girgaum beach and watch the sun set gloriously in the horizon. You will never run out of options in Mumbai, your bucket list of 'Things to Do' will keep on burgeoning until it bursts at its seams!!!

There are so many aspects of this city that I want to talk about, I feel I have barely scratched the surface! There are so many things which are unique to this coastal city of India. It's reverence of its Bollywood superstar's, the 'Tapori Bambaiyya' language, the daily trials and tribulations of its people, the maddening hurry of its people but still them finding the time to help others when needed, the killer traffic, chants of ‘Sachinnnn Sachinnnn’ reverberating through the Wankhede stadium, the Ganpati Festival, etc... The city embraces all with a smile, a reason why it’s also fondly known as ‘Aamchi Mumbai

All I can say is that it is the best place to live in India, a person who has lived in Mumbai will not like any other city in the whole world. There is Order in Chaos, Symmetry in Disorientation... Something in its humid and sticky air makes the person cling to this magnificent city like a magnet!!!

PS - This Post is Written for the Tata Motors #madeofgreat Zonal War

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hashim Amla brings out the Dead Bat!!

As South Africa suffered humiliating loss after loss in the 4 Test Match Series, another big defeat was on the cards and another 4 day finish loomed large as India set South Africa a mountain to climb.

But their captain, Hashim Amla, batted and batted and is still at the crease with 23* off a staggering 207 balls. Giving him company is Superman AB De Villiers who is himself playing a stone-walling innings and he is 11* from 91 balls.

It is set to be a classic final day at the Kotla tomorrow, will the South African resistance last or will the Indian spinners have the final laugh?

Choco Chips and Strawberry Ice Cream Sugar Free Milk Shake!!

Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like
 and let the food fight it out inside ~ Mark Twain

Food – It is something that triggers a wave of goodness, joy and happiness coursing through the body and mind, like electricity, when it satiates you completely. It is probably my saviour when I am in a bad mood and I need to elevate my mood, it is my good friend which gives me company when I am happy! In short, we share a very unique relationship, Food and Me, we love each other deeply, madly and truly and have been through many thick and thins but our bond is too strong to be broken by a few stray incidents when we have been at loggerheads with each other for days on ends!

I am a self-proclaimed foodie and though my love for cooking may not be as high as my passion for eating but I still love to get my own hands dirty on some occasions. It is in these moments that I realise that cooking and creating a dish, which, when appreciated, can be such a fulfilling thing in itself! While making the main course can be tiresome and requires some level of expertise, making a dessert is where you can really let your imagination run wild and experiment to your hearts content. Even a novice like me and someone who is short on time can really get in to the thick of things when a dessert is considered.

Now, I love having Milk Shakes after eating like a horse and that makes my stomach feel much lighter and I am filled with a sense of happiness and joy when the sweetness effused in the shake is transferred in to my body!

Here, I will share with you one of my favourite Dessert recipe’s – The Double Trouble (Chocolate Chips and Strawberry Ice Cream) Milk Shake!!!

Main Ingredients:
2 medium scoops of Chocolate Chips Ice Cream.
2 medium scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream.
1 glass unsweetened milk.
2 teaspoons of Sugarfree Natura.

Optional Ingredients (for Garnishing):

1-2 square broken in pieces of any chocolate of your choice (I used Lindt Intense Strawberry and Cadbury’s Bubbly). You can also opt for 2 Fresh Strawberries finely chopped when available.
1 scoop of Chocolate Chips Ice Cream.
1 scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream.

1. Blend all the main ingredients (2 medium scoops of Chocolate Chips Ice Cream, 2 medium scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream, 1 glass unsweetened milk, 2 teaspoons of Sugarfree Natura) till you achieve a smooth consistency and a thick froth.
2. Fill the Shake in two glasses and place them in the freezer for 30 minutes.
3. Garnish with 1 scoop of Chocolate Chips Ice Cream and 1 scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream.
4. Garnish with broken pieces of Lindt Intense Strawberry and Cadbury’s Silk.
5. Serve Chilled!!

Drool over my Double Trouble and get down to making yours, now!!

Try a Variation!!

You can also play around by first blending only Strawberry Ice Cream scoops with the milk and Sugar Free Natura and filling only half a glass and letting it set in the freezer.
Till this sets, you can blend your Chocolate Chips Ice Cream scoops with the milk and Sugar Free Natura.
You can then pour this over the set Strawberry, garnish as you wish and can enjoy a layered Double Trouble!

I am sure that when you will all try out this Double Trouble and you find that all your troubles are blown away in a jiffy!!

PS - This Post is written for the Sugar Free Dessert Challenge contest being held at Indiblogger.