Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Team Review – New Zealand


– They possess explosive players in Brendon Mc Cullum, Jesse Ryder, Ross Taylor and Martin Guptill. These players are well supported by Styris, Franklin and Oram. Even the Vettori, Nathan Mc Cullum, Mills and Southee can contribute with the bat.

– Most of the batsman are in horrendous form and suffering from low self confidence.

Rating – 6/10


Strengths – Medium pacers like Mills, Southee and Benett are all disciplined sowlers. But their main trump card could be Vettori and N. Mc Cullum both good spinners with good control on the ball.

Weakness – Lack of genuinely quick bowler like Bond. And just like the batsmen the bowlers too are a group of men struggling with self confidence and form.

Rating – 6/10


Strengths – This is definitely their department at the moment. Players like Mc Cullum brothers, Guptill, Taylor are phenomenal on the field.

Weakness – Very little or no weakness at all. Only rarely does this unit have an off day in the field collectively.

Rating – 8/10

Overall Summary

They are 5 time losing semi finalists… that speaks volumes of their success… They are known to play as a team and rarely win by the efforts of a single player. Can they put their disastrous recent form behind them and go one step further??

Rating – 6/10

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