Friday, December 21, 2012

The Straight Hair Experiments

"Tell me your craziest, whackiest, wildest experimental idea to get Perfect Straight Hair!!"

Declared Miss Shilpa turning to her students. Stunned at what they saw on the blackboard, the students exchanged surprised looks with each other. Murmurs were heard around the class.

"What is wrong with Miss Shilpa?''... "Is she out of her mind?"

Unmoved by the glares, Miss Shilpa continued, ''Each student will get one chance and the best idea will get a prize from me.''

A teacher of the higher secondary, everything about Miss Shilpa was beautiful – her way of teaching, her personna, her expressions, her speech - Everything except her hair! Her hair were an ugly cross between wavy and curly, all entangled into one another befitting a crow’s nest! Her students called it ‘The Maggi Noodles’, they even shared jokes on it.

Shilpa knew about this activity but always took it sportingly albeit with a pain in the heart. How much she pined for the day when she could stroke her fingers through her perfectly straight tresses! Though stringency was not in her nature but she was also not the one to give up so easily and hit upon an idea.

Why not ask a solution from the students themselves?

To add more weight to her plan, she added a 'Prize' for the best proposition. Yes, that would bring out the best of the students!

She was right. The next day, the moment she uttered the word ‘prize’, she saw the ears stand and the heads turn.

Miss, Miss… me, I have an idea, Miss I have one!

Thus began a fun activity with students giving ideas one by one, starting from the first bench.

Anil - Touch a live wire and the hair, no matter how curly or wavy, will all stand on it’s end. Though its risky but it will get the job done nice and quickly.

Kriti - If you stay with your mother, make her angry. When my mother is angry she often pulls my hair which, I think, helps them straighten!

The entire class burst out laughing as Shilpa, given that Kriti indeed had perfectly straight hair, was left wondering if it was indeed a viable option after all!

Kamal - Take some Plaster of Paris and apply it on to your hair from top to bottom. As the plaster sets and hardens, let it remain for some days (or weeks). Then break open the mould and your hair will be cast perfectly straight! You can also use black cement instead of PoP for better effects!

Vidhi - Tie golf balls at the ends of your hair (after tying chunks of hair together) and keep them on for some days. The pressure should result in straight hair!!

Rakesh - Watch our current Cricket team play! Their utterly dismal performances will automatically make your hair stand at its ends, thus straightening them. Or just listen to our captain Dhoni's out-of-the-box excuses even as we keep loosing matches. This will also do an excellent job!

Jeeshan - These days everyone is talking about space tours being a real possibility! Well as you told us yesterday Mam, Pluto has only 8% gravitational force as compared to earth. So if you can somehow reach there, your hair will all float thus straightening themselves because of such low gravitational pull. The effect will most probably be temporary but we can still give it a shot! Who knows, the hair might remain straight even after you return to our planet earth!

Shilpa, for a moment forgot all about her hair and felt proud that her teaching had been drilled so well into the mind of her student!

Poonam - Watch horror movies like Paranormal Activity, The Exorcist, Psycho, The Grudge, The Ring etc. Watch these movies all alone in the dead of the night when everything is quiet around you and make sure to switch off all lights while watching. You can even watch them on a loop for better results. This will make your hair raise on its ends and soak in a hair raising experience. But beware, don't watch Bollywood horror movies, they are more like comedy!

Shilpa could feel the hair at the end of her neck standing (she was really scared of horror movies) and felt that this would be good, that is, if she did not suffer from an heart attack during the movie.

Karan was quick to interrupt - It would be better to visit a cemetery in the dead of the night, all alone, instead of watching horror movies! It would definitely be a hair raising experience and whats more, it is absolutely free!

Roshan - Take a huge piece of plastic (preferably a plastic rod) and rub it furiously on a woolen cloth. Then bring it closer to you hair. It will attract your hair because of static energy and your hair will straighten if you repeat the process diligently for a few weeks!

Vinay - Try solving mathematics problems day in and day out, continuously without any break whatsoever. I am sure you will be pulling out your hair within 24 hours thus helping them to straighten!

Chandini - If you want a simple yet fool proof solution to straighten your hair I will suggest you to use the Sunsilk Solution to get the Perfect Straight Hair.

"Shilpa... Shilpa"

The fun reverie was suddenly interrupted by a loud call.

The sun is already up on the horizon, you will get late for your classes.

Shilpa strained her droopy eyelids; her mind had played the entire sequence of yesterday’s classroom events yet again. She gazed at the brand new bottle of Sunsilk Solution for perfect straight hair visible in the far distance. She smiled and thanked Chandini from her heart… very soon she would be living her dreams.

PS - This Contest is sponsored by Sunsilk and is held at Indiblogger. Check out the contest page here. You can vote for my entry here - The Straight Hair Experiments

PPS - Please do not try any of these experiments at home except the last one suggested by Chandini!!!


ra said...

awesome post .. all the best for the contest...

i liked Anil's idea .. best and easy way to get your hair straightened up!

asteria's canvass said...

so many ideas in one post. :)
all the best.

Unknown said...

Hahahahahhaahha. Brilliantly written DS. One of the best Sunsilk posts I have read. :D I just hope people do not try them out. :D

All the best. :)

DS said...

@ Rahul
Yeah one of the best bets for getting the desired results!! Thanks for your comment.

DS said...

@ chips from a life
Haha :D I believe in having back up plans!!!

DS said...

@ Harshal
Thanks!! Except the last idea which can be tried!!

C Suresh said...

Read this in Chennai! Commenting now! Great idea to give a classroom setting and wacky ideas for hair-straightening :)

T F Carthick said...

Cool ideas, DS. Best of luck for the contest.

DS said...

@ CS Felt awkward to just reel out the ideas. So had to think of a suitable backdrop. Glad you liked it!

DS said...

@ The Fool Happy that you came over to read! Thanks for the wishes.

Unknown said...

Haha...this is hilarious...I liked the POP idea...I could just imagine the teacher going around with PoP.