Tuesday, August 2, 2011

India Vs England - 2nd Test Match, Trent Bridge Nottingham - 2011

So India lost the 2nd match too, convincingly!! This is not how teams which are ranked number 1 play... They are expected to put up a fight, exchange blows even when down and not give up until the end... The Aussies were rarely humiliated in the last decade or so, surely they were beaten sometimes but in a gracious manner, after a tough battle with the opposition... Rarely the opposition ran away with the game or rarely did they look hapless and helpless...

It was a shameful performance from the Indian team and I am really sad that they gave up so early and at so many stages of the game when they were on top!!! I hope that they pull up their socks for the remaining two games of the series and atleast show some teeth... We, Indian fans deserve atleast that much!!!

The number 1 rank and the crown of the best test team is all but gone too... For starters they must take the practice match seriously and if Sehwag and Gambhir and Zaheer are going to play the 3rd test then they must play in the practice match...

Hoping and Praying that whatever ails the team is soon sorted out and the team is back to winning some games!!

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