Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review of AccuWeather App From Intel

While searching for more apps on the Intel App Center (I have already reviewed the excellent CrikInfo App), I came across the AccuWeather App by AccuWeather, Inc.!!

The Accuweather App truly mesmerized me with its bright and beautiful display screen! Because I am constantly on the move, the CrikInfo App appealed to me, and for the very same reason this App too attracted me on first glance!

The AccuWeather App by Intel gives you the detailed weather information for upto 15 days, hourly weather details, AccuWeather’s exclusive lifestyle forecasts, Radar and weather videos!! Its a power packed App for sure!! Now no more pondering in the office what the weather will be like when going to the market, no issues with planning a vacation either. You can select any city and see the weather forecast for that place...

Why I recommend it to you!!!

  • Gives accurate ( I checked it for a couple of days) 15 day weather forecast.
  • Gives hour-by-hour weather details helping you plan your day accordingly.
  • The Radar and Satellite Maps are fun to view.
  • Can be a very useful App for people suffering from various allergies as they can take necessary precautions depending on the weather forecasts for their area.
  • Its currently free and that is an absolute bonus!
So now no need for you to get stuck in horrid rain without an umbrella as soon as you leave your house or being burnt in 48 degree Celsius as this App will keep you posted about the latest weather conditions!!!

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Arti said...

Nicely reviewed! I use the accuweather app on my mobile phone and its really cool, just like you have described it!!!
All the Best:)