Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hits and Misses - ICC World T20 2012, Team West Indies

West Indies


1. Marlon Samuels batted like a man possessed. His blade came down on the leather ball like a ball of fire!! He played some superb innings right through the World T20. Three 50's, including the swashbuckling 78 which he made in the Final against the home team Sri Lanka was one of the most precious innings ever to be played in a T20 match.

2. Chris Gayle was expected to destroy bowling attacks and destroy he did, and how!!! He tore into the Aussie's, not once but twice, once during the group match and once again in the all important Semi Final. When he was not taking bowlers apart, he was picking wickets or he was plucking catches out off thin air. When he was not doing any of the above he was showing his dancing skills as he performed the Gangnam dance regularly in which his team mates duly joined him!!!

3. Sunil Narine confounded the batsmen with his vast array of deliveries. He was the reason the match against the New Zealand went in to the Super Over. He also bowled memorable spells in both the Semi Final and the Final against the Australians and the Sri Lankans respectively.

4. Ravi Rampaul was almost unplayable when he bowled with the new ball. He swung the ball and bowled with pace and most importantly almost always got early wickets.

5. Darren Sammy has been criticized so many times and by so many people but he has pulled this team together. He made sure they all played for a single goal. He brought the best out off his players and did his bit too in wining the Final!!!


1.The bowling against the Australians in the group match was disappointing as they bowled boundary balls at will. The Aussie's raced to 100 in just 9 overs as West Indies lost their opening match on D/L by 17 runs.

2. It was a bad choice to open the innings with Johnson Charles. He slogged across the line and promptly got out in all the innings except one against England. Dwayne Smith, one of the cleanest strikers in the West Indian team sat on the bench.

3. Andre Russel hits the ball long and also bowls decently well but he was totally off color in the World T20 in Sri Lanka. He did get many opportunities to showcase his abundant talent but unfortunately he never made use of them.


Vishal Kataria said...

It's heartening to see the Windies finally winning a tournament. Their cricket was in dire states and needed something like this to uplift it.

What's just as heartening is that the whole tournament saw contributions from the whole team instead of just 1-2 stars. And the final was won without much help from Chris Henry Gayle.

DS said...

Yeah, it was heartening to see the Windies finally enjoying their cricket.
They were a joy to watch!!
Thanks for your comment Vishal, long time!!!

ra said...

i am not following cricket lately but when i read the news that WIs are the champions .. i believe it was a well deserved victory !

asteria's canvass said...

guess what,
I bet 200 rs (with my dad) on west indies and I was worried in the middle of the game when they were in an unpredictable state, but thank god I won 200 rs...:P
i can safely say im a cricket fan(may be not a fanatic ) but a will look forward to your blog when ill not be able to follow..

Vinay Leo R. said...

Saala Russell cost me a lot of Fantasy points :(