Thursday, March 20, 2014

Top 5 Batsmen to Watch Out for in the World T20 2014, Bangladesh

My list of the top 5 Batsmen to Watch Out for in the World T20 2014, Bangladesh

David Warner

He has come a long way since he was sent home for disciplinary reasons during the Champions Trophy last year. He looks like he means business when he strides out to the crease these days, reeling hundreds galore during the Ashes series and also against the South Africans. He packs a punch and bowlers will look to snare him early or else he will run away with the game in a short period of time.

Corey Anderson

Having slammed a hundred in just 36 balls against the West Indies recently in an ODI made him a household name. What is most fearful about him is that he has followed that innings with several similar cameos against the Indians recently showing that the hundred was not a fluke. He makes hitting look very simple and effortlessly slams the ball over the ropes. He is also a handy bowler which makes him any captain’s delight.

Chris Gayle

Any list of the most feared batsmen in twenty-twenty cricket is incomplete without the mention of this man. He is a tornado, a gale waiting to unleashed. There is a method to his batting as he takes his time to get his eye in and then suddenly takes off. No ground in this world is big enough once he gets going, no bowler good enough to stop him. Adding to his batting is his uber cool persona; who can forget his Gangnam Style celebrations during the WT20 2012!!

AB de Villiers

He is a batsman who makes batting look simple. He hits his straps from ball one and as he is a fantastic runner between the wickets keeps the scoreboard ticking. A brilliant manipulator of the field; he finds those gaps in the field which never seemed to exist. Silky cover drives and whips off his pads are his favorite shots. He is also a brilliant fielder to boot!

Kusal Janith Perera

He is my dark horse for this tournament and I am backing him to be one of the most explosive batsmen in this WT20. He has modeled his batting on Sanath Jayasuriya and he has not done a bad job of it at all. He possesses those wrists of steel just as his hero and those flicks of his legs invariably land in the crowds invoking memories of Jayasuriya. The cuts, pulls and the lofted shots down the ground will all make you sit up and watch in awe as he will remind you of the man he imitates!!

Which batsman are you looking forward the most this WT20? Who do you think will be the most difficult batsmen for the opposing captain’s to contain?

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