Sunday, February 1, 2015

3 Advantages of Quikr Nxt - The Latest Feature from Quikr!

The online classifieds Indian giant, Quikr, launched a very exciting feature recently; Quickr Nxt which enables a user to chat using either the desktop website or by using the Quickr mobile app. The ads, which were also launched just a few days back, give us a glimpse about why this first instant messaging system in the world of classifieds has the potential to be a real game changer. The main worries that it aims at dissipating are mainly related to being attacked by calls at inconvenient times, addresses the concerns centering around fake/ prank calls and keeping a record of all the chats that take place between buyers and sellers.

I will enlist below the 3 main reasons why I would prefer a chat using the latest Quickr Nxt feature rather a long drawn tedious phone call.

1. Privacy

Not every one of us is comfortable with splashing our mobile numbers and e-mail ids over the internet and rightly so. Sharing the phone number openly makes us vulnerable to prank calls which can leave a sour taste in our mouth. With the launch of Quickr Nxt, the need to flash mobile number and e-mail id on the website is eliminated. They can be set as private and give the user the ease of chatting using their Quickr id and then using the Quickr Nxt to chat either on the website or on the phone by using the app.

2. Ease of Tracking

Imagine having to remember what price you quoted to each prospective buyer, which would be nigh on impossible as most sellers are bombarded with multiple requests from different buyers. Up until now this is was a nightmare as there was no log of what you said to whom, thus making things complicated and the simple task of buying and selling things became a headache. With Quickr Nxt, the need to memorize what you said to whom would be done away with as the chat history of Quickr Nxt keeps the log of the manifold conversations between sellers and potential buyers. It is also real time chatting which is highly time efficient as compared to e-mails which can get very long drawn and tedious.

3. Advantage Seller. Advantage Buyer!

We know how difficult it is to convince someone else about the condition of the product that we are intending to sell. The seller is constantly requested to share details about the product. There are questions posed and then some more. Quickr Nxt is advantageous to sellers as they can easily take photos and share instantly via the Quickr Nxt thus making lives so much easier for them. For the buyers, it reduces the risk factor as they can ask the seller to upload pictures from a certain angle or upload a video to be absolutely sure of the condition of the product.

With the advantages listed above I think that Quikr has scored a big plus as the user satisfaction is a big concern for all e-commerce websites and with Quikr Nxt their users will certainly feel more empowered.

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