Saturday, February 28, 2015

Get a Better Car with Quikr Nxt

I recently wanted to replace my existing Zen car with something better. That car had served me for over seven years, and although it was still in a good condition, I just wanted to change and upgrade to a better and newer car. A friend of mine suggested to me to use Quikr as I can put my Zen car on sale and can at the same time look out for a car of my choice there as well.

I immediately put up an ad on Quikr regarding my car where I posted the description and all the necessary details of the car. I also put up my telephone number and e-mail id so that the prospective buyers could contact me. But over the next few days I complained to my pal that most of the calls were prank calls and that I was often disturbed by calls in office or late at night. I also told him that I was finding it very difficult to keep a track of all the talks that I was having with various people. I also told me that I had tried reaching out to a few sellers of the car that I was intending to buy but was facing similar difficulties.

He then asked me to use the Quikr Nxt feature which he told me was a latest feature to be initiated by Quikr. He explained to me that the feature aims at reducing the prank calls and the calls received at inconvenient times and also allows keeping a record of all the conversations that one has with different buyers and sellers. The feature allows one to keep the phone number and e-mail id in private mode and Quikr Nxt can be used to chat with prospective buyers and sellers at times that are mutually convenient to both parties. It can be used either on the desktop or on a smart phone by downloading the app.

The Quikr Nxt feature also keeps a track of all the chats that you have thus reducing the headache of what you said to whom and you can access the log history at any time for a handy reference. The real time chatting is also a quick (in keeping with the name Quikr!!) way when compared to the long drawn process of sending e-mails too and forth.

I notified my friend that I found the feature very good as I could request the sellers to show the car from a certain angle or to upload a small video of the car from the inside so that I can gauge the condition of the car and not regret later. It also made my job of selling the old car easier as I had shown the uploaded pictures of my car and that way had found many interested parties.

Within a week of using the Quikr feature I had succeeded in getting a second hand car which looked as good as a new one and at the same time had got a very good price on my old car as well. I was very happy and was now suggesting others to try the Quikr Nxt feature as well.

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