Wednesday, April 1, 2015

External Hard Drives: A Must-Have Computer Accessory Today!

External storage devices are an important component of the computer architecture. They are used to either enhance the performance of the system or to store the data as a backup.

In the early 1990's and in to the 2000's we used to have floppy drives or diskettes, colorful square disks which had a capacity of just around 250 MB or sometimes even lesser! I remember that we could just store a few word files or just a couple of pictures and they would be full!! Then came the CD's which gave a little more working space and then Dvd's and re-writable ones as well. But with the growing amount of data there was a need to have something that could give us a back up of our entire computer or laptop.

This is where the external hard drives or HDD's are such an important component in today's world when we talk about data storage. They can give us storage capacity of up to 8 TB and hence can be used to store vast and almost inexhaustible amount of data. They are especially important if you have a large amount of video's which you need to store.

They can be connected with a normal usb cable to either your computer or your laptop thus enhancing the performance. It also gives the user the flexibility of portability as they can be easily used to transfer data from one device to another at a high speed. They are also very easy to use as they are automatically detected by your system and it treats it in the same way as an internal drive.

I absolutely love them as they give me the power to backup all my important files at office everyday so that I am not left ruing the loss of data. I can also very easily store movies in HD which takes up a lot of space but a HDD makes it a breeze. I also love the fact that I can connect my External HDD to my TV and watch HD movies or serials on a big screen. Those vacation photographs also look so gorgeous to view on TV after it has been connected with the HDD.

Thus an external hard drive is almost a must and a necessity in the world that we live in today. The vast amount of data that we need to store can easily be done through a HDD.

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