Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Battle for the Orange Cap - Highest Run Getters of the IPL 2015 till Match 43

Here are the Highest Run Scorers of IPL 2015 till now -

Ajinkya Rahane (Rajasthan Royals) - 438 from 11 matches at a Strike Rate of 130.7

DA Warner (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 406 from 10 matches at a Strike Rate of 159.2

Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians) - 361 from 11 matches at a Strike Rate of 140.4

Chris Gayle (Royal Challengers Bangalore) – 357 from 8 matches at a Strike Rate of 160.1

Shreyas Iyer (Delhi Daredevils) – 349 from 11 matches at a Strike Rate of 130.2

Which Batsman do you think will end up wearing the Orange Cap at the end of IPL 2015?


Sunita Sriram said...

So DS...who do you think is the emerging new face of this edition of IPL?

DS said...

@Specs Buffy
Though I do not follow the IPL but from whatever little I have watched, Shreyas Iyer from Delhi looks quite good.

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