Thursday, July 9, 2015

Staying Cricket-Connected with UC Cricket!

I have been a cricket buff ever since I can remember. I guess my craziness for the game was inherited from my father, running through my genes even when I was born. This explains why I have been addicted to the game right from a young age. I could bunk classes, skip my homework, forget about my meals – someone just had to spell the word ‘CRICKET’ for me and rest assured, I would be glued – much to the chagrin of my parents and teachers.

My sister often remarked in vain: You are not the umpire, for goodness sake - you can move!

Hah! If I really cared?! What I did care about was if my favorite players were running in good form and the records being stashed and milestones achieved – all this was duly recorded and preserved in the mini cricketing cafĂ© I built for myself, in my cricket-captivated brain.

Unfortunately with the advent of times, with a full time job, a career to handle and ambitions to take care of, my first love – cricket had to take a backseat. I was literally left with no other choice. Missing out on cricket matches was now the norm. Browsing various cricket sites led to disappointment because of their huge lag in transmission and coverage speeds. Checking latest score updates on Google became a headache! Deep down, I felt a tinge of sadness on having to miss out on something I loved so much…

But as they say, patience bears fruits. So here, finally, came the good news: NOW - I have a solution!

And the solution is UC Browser - UC Cricket – Surf it all, Surf it fast!

UC Browser has introduced its new section, UC Cricket that comes pre-loaded with all the features promising to make life easier for professional people like me.

Just one click from the homepage of the UC Browser and you get access to UC Cricket (in blue icon) – it’s that easy to install!

Now, you don't have to miss the cric-fun - Download UC Cricket on UC Browser.

Browsing UC Cricket on the go has made my life so much easier and cricket-connected. Latest cricket scores refresh automatically so that I can keep an eye on it even while managing important work in my office. Browsing news while in trains or buses is super speedy too. Now, my work is no longer neglected in my craving for cricket. In fact, I have become so much more efficient that is well reflected in my interactions with my co-workers, colleagues and family.

The best thing, however, that I love about UC Cricket is the live streaming of videos – its seamless transmissions give me the same joy that I used to enjoy in my childhood days.

Really, for a true-blue cricket lover, UC Cricket has been nothing short of a Godly-boon for me. It’s so nice to have someone who understands and by dedicating a space exclusively for cricket fanatics like me, UC Browser, has indeed hit a sixer with UC Cricket that, I believe, is bound to break all boundaries and win many hearts.

Have you tried UC Cricket as yet?
How do you stay cricket-connected?

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