Friday, July 10, 2015

Say NO to Crash Diets, Say YES to Honey Diet!

Who doesn’t like to look slim, tall, and slender and well, just - beautiful?

I, for one, do. For this, summer season is one of the best times to cleanse and detox your body to get in good shape. As the weather gets warmer, the body tries to remain cooler by yearning for less food and more water and watery fruits like watermelon that are seasonally available in abundance.

While detoxing or getting rid of bodily waste can be a great idea to keep your body energized and revitalized in general, it also means that the resulting health impacts resulting from your detoxification efforts will depend on how you go about doing it in the first place. Let’s try to understand this in detail… read on:

Why say NO to Crash diets?

In a bid to lose weight fast, crash diets allure – what with the shortcut promise of ‘instant results’ that they bring along but be warned: Indulging in a rapid crash course diet can play havoc on your body as well as the heart. A dangerous remark indeed, but one that most nutritionists and cardiologists all over the world confirm.

Researchers suggest that crash diets slow down metabolism causing a major imbalance obstructing the regular efficiency of the body. In return, even though the goal of getting thin fast may be achieved – the long term effect of the entire diet-quest can be hazardous to the health. The changed functioning patterns in the body start to manifest in drastic health problems like drowsy posture, lack in stamina and strength, dark circles, weak immune system and cardiac stress.

Here's a Sweeter and Safer Alternative: Honey Diet -

Now that we have crossed ‘Crash diets’ and anything and everything that is harmful for the body (including sugerated drinks, smoothies and ice-creams) out of our summer detox plan, there must surely be an alternative to losing weight – safely and sweetly while still enjoying the season?

YES, there is and that is: The latest Dabur initiative - Honey Diet.

Traditionally, the benefits of honey are many proven over the ages and recognized in the Ayurvedic healing system. A spoon of honey, laced in natural sugars and carbohydrates, taken early in the morning acts as a wonderful energizer helping you manage your weight and aiding in easy digestion. It’s moisturizing and nourishing qualities helps to protect the skin against the harsh sun-effects by keeping the skin soft and supple.

What you can do is get innovative by introducing honey as part of your recipes and daily regime. Or, you can chart your own personalized fitness plan by taking a 3 click online fitness test here.

Why say YES to a healthy balanced diet?

Say yes to a healthy balanced diet… why?

Because you respect your body. Because, you know that nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved by embarking on shortcut routes. Because you realize that the joy of achieving something, anything lies in the journey and not the destination.

And that journey - if healthy, if balanced, if natural - will reward you with your ‘beautiful’ dream in the sweetest (pun intended!) form, one that will be with you to cherish for a lifetime! Right?

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