Saturday, January 23, 2016

Impact of Australian Middle Order in the WT20 2016, India

The Australian middle order is one that has fire power and brutal strength which is almost unmatchable. The opposition will not get much time to celebrate the wickets of Aussie openers as the batsmen who will follow are as destructive as their opening batsmen! If David Warner and Aaron Finch fail to provide them with a Fantastico start then they will rely on an enterprising middle order to bail them out.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith was once a widely ridiculed batsman as he did not have a proper technique and his leg spinners were just an invitation to the opposition batsmen to score quickly. But he worked on his game and now one of the best batsman across all formats.

He has all the shots in the book and his unorthodox technique means that the bowlers are always in a quandary as to which line and length to adopt. He is equally comfortable against both pace and spin and this is his biggest strength. Once set, he is extremely difficult to dislodge and his straight drives and cover drives are a treat to watch.

He is also the captain of this young but extremely talented Aussie side and the onus will lie on him to lead him team and get the silverware that has eluded the Australians since its inception way back in 2007.

Impact Rating – 8.5/10

Glenn Maxwell

The name is enough to cause terror and panic amongst the opposition bowlers as he is such a destructive force to reckon with. The match situation seems to have almost no effect on Maxi and he seems undaunted by any amount of pressure.

He plays unorthodox shots with such ease that leaves the spectator in a spell. Shots like the ramps, reverse sweeps, switch hits come with such a regularity that you feel awed at his prowess. Recently, he has also batted with an eerie calm and composed manner and led Australia over the line which has further enhanced his growing reputation. The impact of his batting leaves the opposition team reeling with shock and awe. Like his skipper, he can also play spin very well which is such an added skill to have in order to navigate through the Indian tracks.

He is also a very good fielder prowling in the all-important point region and is a handy off spinner as well.

Impact Rating – 8.5/10

The combination of Smith and Maxwell at 3 and 4 depicts the batting strength of Australians and every team will have their task cut out to contain these two. If these two get on a roll, then the opposition team will be staring at a huge total. In Indian conditions, the middle order must be equipped with special skills and the Australian duo are adept at both clearing the field with ease as running the quick singles and twos and rotating the strike.

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