Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Difference Between todays Team India and the Australian team of the 2000's

When Australia were the leading team in world cricket (in the 2000’s) they did not only win their matches… They annihilated the opposition completely leaving them shell shocked and completely dispirited and deflated. It would take those teams, days to recover from the mental scars that the Aussies inflicted upon them!!

They could hold the favorites tag with a smile on their faces… they enjoyed it and all the attention. They played like real favorites… never got under any pressure (they had players who always gave their best under pressure). The teams played 200 percent of their abilities, gave everything that they had but still found themselves well short of the Aussies!!

On the other hand, India touted as overwhelming favorites due to various reasons (strong batting line-up, home conditions, spinners, etc, etc) have not even remotely played like that.

They have succumbed to the pressure, not beaten any major team (read games Vs England and Vs South Africa) 25 days into the tournament, struggled to win against minnows like Ireland and Netherlands, their spinners have been effective, pace bowlers have been hammered, fielding has been dodgy like always and the skipper who takes odd decisions and even justifies them in the post match conferences.

Just to add something more, Australia even with the so called weak team have not lost a single match till now. They may not be the same force as they used to be once but they still know how to win.

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