Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who would be more happy… India or England?

After making 338 runs, batting first any team would be confident of defending it.

But at the stage when England needed about 70 odd runs from 60 balls, the match had almost slipped out of India’s grasp.

Panic and pressure caused England to lose quick wickets and they needed 29 runs from 2 overs with 3 wickets remaining.

From here on, India should have won the game! No question about that! You call yourself the biggest favorites of the tournament and do not have the bowlers who can defend 29 runs from 2 overs with only tailenders batting.

I think India should be more disappointed that they didn’t win this one… Really… After all the fluctuations of fortunes… after 98 overs of play, India was in a very strong position … But the match was tied… Well, it’s almost a loss for me!
So, I think that England would be happy with a tie in the end…
What are your views?

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