Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Super Biker King: Mahendra Singh Dhoni!

Sometime in August last year, I received a phone call from one of my ardent biker friend requesting me to accompany him to some biker meet that was to be held in the city the coming Sunday. Having nothing better to do anyways, I agreed. However, the next few days were spent pondering over whether I had done the right thing by conceding to my friends request. After all, I was neither a biker nor someone who was overtly crazy about bikes. While I was still pondering, Sunday arrived and with it my friend on his TVS Apache, smiling gleefully with excitement palpable on his face, came to pick me up!!

I sat pillion as we rode up to the place where the meet was to be held. He told me how excited he was at the thought of attending the meet and he was bubbling with child-like enthusiasm all along the way. We soon reached the place, a huge "CASTROL BIKER MEET" poster greeted us at the entrance. Bikes of all brands and colors were parked in the parking lot! There were Royal Enfields, Harley Davidsons, Yamahas, Hyosungs, a Hayabusa and a gleaming red Ducati Monster!! While my friend drooled over the Hayabusa, I confessed to him that I was hearing that name for the first time in my life!! He gave me a look similar to one which I once remember giving an European friend of mine when he had told me that he did not know who Sachin Tendulkar was!!!

I just shrugged my shoulders as we finally started walking towards the hall. We occupied a seat each, somewhere at the back end as most of the front rows had already been occupied. The meet soon started and to begin with everyone was asked to give their introductions. It was followed by a small presentation about the sponsor of the meet 'Castrol'. Then there was some discussion about the technical aspects of bikes and biking, I remember yawning continuously through it even as my friend participated like he was a pro!!

Finally, there was a contest in which everyone who wished to participate could chip in.  The Question was - "Define the Indian Biker" The judges would decide the best answers and give them prizes which included United Motorcyclists biking jacket, 10 Power 1 Jackets and 5 Studds helmets. One by one everyone started defining bikes/ what bikers stand for/ biker qualities, starting from the 1st row. My friend, eagerly awaiting his turn (it would take quite some time as we were seated in the last few rows), kept rattling things he would say!! But as we reached the middle rows, his expression started changing. Most of the things he was planning to say were being told by those occupying the front rows. The bikers raved and ranted about how people from their biker community are cool dudes sporting long hair, keep stubble, wear leather jackets, gloves, chains and earrings, love to zip around on their bikes, travel long distances without getting tired, flaunt tattoos, love speed, etc, etc etc...

I suddenly asked my friend, "Do you want to win this?"

He replied, "Obviously man! It is not about the prizes but imagine the respect I will command if I win this! My name would reach far and wide as the Biker Community is a very closed one!!"

I said to him, "Then forget all that crap and run of the mill stuff that everyone else seems to be blabbering about!"

He argued, "But... but, That's how bikers are!! And anyways, do you have a better answer??", he asked more out of desperation than any genuine hope!!

I gave him a wicked smile and said, "Yes."


Friends let me share with you all, the qualities of a hard core biker! Let us take MSD for example. He is probably the most famous biker in India. His love for the mean machines is unparalleled. That he owns about 2 dozen bikes which include Harley Davidson, Kawasaki Ninja, Yamaha 650cc, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme and TVS Star City is ample testimony to the fact!!

Now let me come to the ideal Biker Qualities.

Dhoni shows his dare devilry and the heart to take challenges head on by agreeing to race his Bike with an Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter plane, Jaguar.

Dhoni posing with an Aircraft
Dhoni posing with an Aircraft

He displays his carefree attitude which all the bikers have in oodles by stopping at a roadside chaat shop to savor his favorite aloo chaat in his hometown of Ranchi!!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni
The Passionate Biker with his Harley Davidson

He shows that he has a heart of gold and a soft side to him as well by generously giving his jersey to a small boy immediately after India won the T-20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007. I mean he could have easily auctioned it for millions!!

Dhoni - The humble Indian cricket captain
Dhoni - The humble Indian cricket captain,
 pleasing the fans!!

Bikers always have that sense of humor and plenty of interesting anecdotes and if you listen to MSD at a press conference or even at the toss interview, he will always have that mischievous smile and some humor in his words!!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni  at a press conference
Mahendra Singh Dhoni  at a press conference

He also believes in the existence of a higher power and the respect for it, as he never fails to visit the Deori Mata Temple whenever he is in Ranchi (also probably explains all his luck!!)

Dhoni at a temple
Dhoni with wife Sakhsi at the Durga Temple

He has that childlike enthusiasm which takes over him whenever he sees a bike as he quickly grabs the seat whenever he himself or one of his team mates win a bike in any tournament!!! Off course like a good biker, he gives his teammates a free ride!!

Dhoni with Yuvraj enjoying a ride
Dhoni and Yuvraj enjoying a ride
Dhoni the biker dude
Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Carefree

Aren't these, friends, the main qualities of a hardcore biker??

Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Mahendra Singh Dhoni - The cool dude

A resounding 'YES' and a thunderous applause resonated in the hall as my friend finished his reply!

The showman that my friend was, did a little jig, clapped and pumped his fists and shouted, "These are all OUR qualities friends, WE are the Bikers..." More claps followed!!


It was my turn now, and I remember muttering something indecipherable, best part being my voice was amply muffled by the deafening applause that had still not subsided. I was careful enough to end my 2 minute (or was it 2 seconds?) rambling promptly before the claps died out and hurriedly took back my seat. The remaining attendees soon finished with their answers and after a short tea break and get together the winners were declared.

The top spoils were taken by an avid biker Punit Dubey who had described about His Biking Journey right from the beginning, a serious looking young man who preferred to be known as The Fool who had narrated now-on-everyone's-lips 'The Legend of Baikadu' and of course also by my friend!!!

For others like me, we were happy… Nah! actually over the moon, to receive the complimentary T-Shirt that was given to everyone who had attended the meet!!! 

This was my first real tryst with Biking and Bikers and I thank my friend and Castrol for making my day memorable!!!

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Princess Poo said...

Hahahah :D Awesome one DS ;) :D.
Loved the way you have spoken about Dhoni :) :D.
You made your friend come out like a hero :D. Most people make themselves the hero ;).
Loved that in this post :D.
Too good ;) :D.

C Suresh said...

Wow! DS! That was nicely imagined:)

Ghumakkar Punit said...

I really love to learn by reading the posts of Indibloggers....such a diversity! Could have never thought to compare Dhoni and a Biker's attitude, which you explained so well...exemplary! And, thanks for awarding me such an honour :D Certainly, Baikadu's tale is one the best work of imagination in the contest!
Thanks DS :)

T F Carthick said...

Nice one, DS. Do more of these posts linking criket trivia to contest themes keeping with theme of your blog.

And I am being mentioned in a castrol post a third time after PL and CS. Wish there was an award for figuring in maximum number of contest posts.

Thanks for appreciating my post, DS and Punit

RioZee said...

real great penning, never knew this side of dhoni. well conceptualized.

N.S.Kirti said...

you tweaked the story in such a wonderful way!! i really enjoyed reading this post. loved the way you described the qualities of a biker wrt to MSD. :)
good luck with the contest :)

PS: dont panic if i comment late! i am out of town most of these days :P ;)

Antara said...

I love the way you mixed cricket and the contest very you! :)
And although I am not a huge fan of Dhoni, I loved this post!

Good luck with the contest!

Annabeth92 said...

Dhoni is not only the most calm and tolerant captain- but he is so modest and resilient that even non-cricket fans can fall for him

Vinay Leo R. said...

I like the way you combined Cricket with this Biking topic, DS.. and yes, he is definitely generous person. (more than what is needed at times too ;) )

Good qualities.. I have no idea of it's hardcoreness though.. I take the bus usually :D

Anonymous said...


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