Monday, March 16, 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Quarter Final Line Ups and Semi Final Predictions

So all the group matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 are done and dusted and the Points Table's of Pool A and Pool B are finalised. Here is a small post looking ahead to the Quarter Finals and my predictions for the Semi Finals.

Quarter Final 1: Sri Lanka vs South Africa at SCG, Sydney on 18th March 2015

Two evenly matched teams but Sri Lanka with a slight advantage since South Africa are prone to crumble under pressure. If Sri Lanka bat first then 70-30 in Sri Lanka's favor. If Sri Lanka bat second they have the ability to chase around 320.

Quarter Final 2: Bangladesh vs India at MCG, Melbourne on 19th March 2015

India are clear favorites but must not be over confident or complacent. Bangladesh can win if they put India under pressure early otherwise India should be too good for them.

Quarter Final 3: Australia vs Pakistan at Adelaide Oval, Adelaide on 20th March 2015

Australia favorites but Pakistan pacers can put all the conjecture to rest with a brilliant display. Pakistan will have to bat and field out of their skins to win this.

Quarter Final 4: New Zealand vs West Indies at Westpac Stadium, Wellington on 21st March 2015

The short boundaries at the ground can be inviting to the West Indian big hitters. If they bat first first and negotiate the first few overs, they can go berserk at the end, score around 300-350 and put New Zealand under scoreboard pressure. New Zealand clear favorites though.

Semi Final Predictions:

Semi Final 1: Sri Lanka vs New Zealand at Eden park, Auckland on 24th March 2015

These two teams must be fed up of playing each other by now but I guess the most important match is yet to happen. New Zealand have had the wood over the Lankans but will Sri Lanka have the last laugh?

Semi Final 2: India vs Australia at SCG, Sydney on 26th March 2015

This should be the second Semi Final line up. Though I would love to witness another India vs Pakistan match, I guess this would be too dreamy to materialize. India vs Australia would not be too bad either and would make for a high voltage clash.

Off course this is just a teaser. I will do the full review of all these games. Stay tuned!!

What are your predictions on the big matches coming up?


Anonymous said...

Well, SL much for your predictions...

DS said...

@Anonymous - Well, they are called predictions for a reason! Not every time can one get them right, even the greats of the game struggle to predict in the game of cricket! It is the part of the job of a blogger/ someone in the media, they might get it right or wrong, does not mean they stop predicting!!

Anonymous said...

my wishes and prayers are for India but if God thinks other way then i feel it may a PAK WI FINAL..

Anonymous said...

You got the first one wrong.
Doubt how the rest will turn around.
All the best.

Unknown said...

semi final;south africa vs new zealand,australia vs;new zealand vs australia,winner;new zealand.vijay

Anonymous said...

Very Well Said, but unfortunately some people just don't understand. They think this is the final verdict:(

Anonymous said...

Ind vs pak in semis

Bob000 said...


Krunal Pastagia said...

1st QF
SL vs RSA -----RSA
2nd QF
Ind Vs Bang----Ind
3rd QF
Aus Vs Pak-----Aus
4th QF
NZ vs WI-------NZ

1st Semi
Ind Vs Aus -----Aus
2nd Semi
NZ vs RSA------RSA

AUS vs RSA -------RSA World Cup Winner

Anonymous said...

Team india have
improved their
strength in all the
and they can beat any team.
so my prediction is

1st semi
NZ vs RSA--->NZ
2nd semi
AUS vs IND---> IND
NZ vs IND--->IND
INDIA are world champ agin....:-)