Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Dream 11 ICC Official Season Long T20 World Cup 2022 Fantasy Game - 7 Boosters Explained plus How & When to use them

In the last post, I listed out the Top 11 Differential players covering Aus v SL, Eng v Ire & NZ v Afg.

Now let us dive deep into the boosters being provided for the Official Season Long T20 World Cup 2022 Fantasy Game powered by Dream11 and what they mean and how and when might be the best time & games to play them.

Boosters for Official Season Long T20 World Cup 2022 Fantasy Game powered by Dream11

A total of 7 boosters have been given which you can use any time you want. These boosters can really help in getting the rank to go up if used at the right time. Let us now investigate each and every booster in detail.

Super Transfer - Unlimited transfers, like a Wildcard

Best Usage

The booster is best used to either hop on to get a team which allows you to play your Double up booster in the next match by getting 7-8 players or to hop off from your team after playing the Double up booster by making a balanced squad for the next 3/ 4 games. Use this booster very carefully, as it helps you to reset your team once in a season. It can also be used in case your team suddenly has 2-3 injured or out of favor players.

Triple Impact - Selected player gets *3 of their Fantasy points

Best Usage

It can be used on any player once and the concerned player gets *3 of their Fantasy points. It's important to note that you will still be able to select your captain and vice captain as usual.

So the best time to use this booster is when you think that there are multiple good options to maximize points. For example, when you've 3-4 very good options and you're confused about whom to select captain/ vice captain, then this booster can help you to reduce your headache and maximize the points.

Double up - The most important booster. Doubles the points of your team. Use this wisely.

Best Usage

As the name implies, activating this booster gives all your players double their Fantasy points. So, your captain gets *4 and vice captain gets *3 times their Fantasy points. This is the most powerful booster in the game and can easily give you around 1500 points in one game thereby boosting your rank immensely.

I would suggest to use this booster when two evenly matched teams play for example, Pak v SA, IND v SA, Aus v Eng, NZ v Eng, SL v NZ.

It's ideal to have a full playing XI to maximize the full potential of the double up booster.

Power Batter - All batters in your team get *2 the points

Best Usage

Almost all pitches in Australia are well balanced offering something for everybody but Sydney, Melbourne and Gabba are the best in terms of being true for the batsmen in particular.

Select matches being played at these grounds to activate your power batter booster.

Some of the matches I would Target are Aus v SL, Aus v Eng, Eng v NZ, IND v SA, Pak v SA, SL v Eng and Zim v IND.

It's ideal to get 6 batters in your team to use this booster for maximum advantage.

Power Bowler - All bowlers in your team get *2 the points

Best Usage

Perth is a pitch which supports bowlers due to its high pace and bounce. MCG is also a very balanced surface. Select a match which has two good bowling sides, select 6 bowlers and activate the power bowler booster.

There are many good matches where this booster might be played.

Power All-rounder - All All-rounders in your team get *2 the points

Best Usage

You'll need 4 good all-rounders involved in a match so you can realize the full potential of this booster. Teams like Australia (Maxwell, Marsh, Stoinis), England (Stokes, Curran, Moeen), Ireland (Stirling, Delaney, Dockrell, Simi, Campher), New Zealand (Santner, Neesham) and Sri Lanka (Dhananjaya, Hasaranga, Chamika) from Group 1 while Netherlands (De Leede, Ackermann), Pakistan (Shadab, Iftikhar, Nawaz), Zimbabwe (Raza, Williams, Burl) from Group 2 have a good set of all-rounders.

India has Hardik Pandya and Axar Patel but I wouldn't really count on Axar and hence wouldn't play my booster in an India game.

Group 1 teams seem to have better all-rounders and hence it would seem like a wise move to play the booster targeting a game from Group 1.

Power Keeper - All wicket-keepers in your team get *2 the points

Best Usage

You can select a maximum of 4 keepers but generally those many keepers won't be playing in a single game. Look out for teams with 2 keepers listed and who might start so that you can maximize the power keeper booster.

New Zealand has Allen and Conway both listed as keepers. If Salt starts for England then NZ v NZ is the best game for this booster. Otherwise, any Kiwi game is good for this booster.

Bangladesh are playing both Litton and Nurul so they may be targeted too and if SA decide to play Klassen then South Africa v Bangladesh also seems like a good game to use this booster.

This booster may be activated with 3 players.

That was all about the 7 powerful boosters provided to make the season long T20 World Cup fantasy game more interesting and spicy. Do let me know your views on the same. If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments section.

For an overview on how to play the game, click here

Do let me know when you're looking to play your boosters!


Anonymous said...

If you use keeper booster on captain, will the player get 4x points?

DS said...

Yes. If you activate the keeper booster and then captain a keeper you have selected, that player will get *4 points!