Monday, February 1, 2016

My Gold Morning Dreams!!


I am a morning person. Fewer moments awaken an unbridled joy in my heart than a beautiful orange-candied sun kissing the gloomy silver draped skies, heralding a new dawn, a bright brand new day. The cup of a new day brims over with the promise of an abundance of gifts that the universe holds for each one of us. The warmth of positivity seeps deep into the layers of the skin. Rays of hope break open the barriers anchored in our hearts. We are inspired to rise and awaken in our own uniqueness that paves the path to freedom. It's a universal feeling I believe. There's a reason people all over wish each other GOOD Morning as a greeting, isn't it?


I get up at 5 in the morning everyday and yet I don't remember the last time I watched the spectacle of sunrise. How disappointing! It's the same old grind of the urban routine that most of us stay trapped in for most of our lives... Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Where is the time then to bask in the beauties that life comes endowed with? Instead there are deadlines to adhere to, projects to complete, reports to submit... so much stress!

As hopeless as this scenario may sound, I consider myself really fortunate to witness a few such glorious sunrises all over my life. I have readily left the warmth of the quilts to catch the rising sun spark fire on lofty icy mountain peaks. Ah, what a mesmerising sight! Cut to the fast-paced city grind though, my morning loving soul only finds solace in gazing up at the sky for a few minutes after leaving home for office at 7. That rendezvous with nature is one of the best parts of my day. The time when I look up towards the sky and find my mind totally at peace in her soothing embrace.


But you know something? I wish my mornings from turn from good to gold one day... I dream of waking up in the silences of the mountains, somewhere one day. When the sky is dark and the stars are still twinkling; I will take delight in the colourfully changing scenes of the sky. Like a blushing bride, she will slowly come out of oblivion. Painting the entire silhouetted canvas of the horizons from black to silver to crimson to red, then finally that veil of golden. I will bask in the beauty of her golden company, breathing life into every being. Mine, yours, us, care-free, worry-free... Reminding us of the infinite beauties of nature. Reminding us that there is more to life than appointments to keep and bosses to report to. Reminding us to be happy. To enjoy every precious moment, spent in the company of ME in the lap of nature.

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