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Dream 11 Season Long Official Fantasy Game ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022 - Team Selection, Transfers, Points System, Boosters, Leagues & Prizes

It's almost show time! T20 World Cup 2022 begins in a few hours in Australia!

ICC have teamed up with Dream 11 again to give fans all around the world a chance to don the coaches hat and select their own team and score fantasy points in a tournament long ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.

Let's start with the basic format and the rules below. And then we will move onto the new boosters that they've introduced to spice up the game.

Team Selection

It's pretty basic, we've to select 11 players within the given constraints of 100 credits & 1-4 Wicket-keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 All-rounders and 3-6 bowlers. We can only pick a maximum of 7 players from a single team.

We need to select 1 Captain (who gets *2 points) and 1 Vice Captain (who gets *1.5 points). We can change captain and vice captain for all matches before the deadline for that particular match.

Points System

The detailed breakdown of the points system can be seen on the game page.


The game begins with the match between Australia and New Zealand which starts at 12.30 PM IST on October 2022. Till the deadline, there will be unlimited transfers. Post that, for the 30 league matches, there will be a total of 90 transfers given. Then unlimited transfers before the start of the 1st Semi Final & then 10 transfers again till the Finals!

So to summarize

Match 1-30: 90 Transfers

After match 30 and before match 31: Unlimited transfers

Match 31-33: 10 Transfers

An important point to remember is that the transfers will not be refunded if the match is delayed, postponed or abandoned.


A total of 7 boosters have been given which you can use any time you want. These boosters can really help in getting the rank to go up if used at the right time.

The boosters are

Super Transfer - Unlimited transfers

Triple Impact - Selected player gets *3 of their Fantasy points

Double up - The most important booster. Doubles the points of your team. Use this wisely.

Power Batter - All batters in your team get *2 the points

Power Bowler - All bowlers in your team get *2 the points

Power All-rounder - All All-rounders in your team get *2 the points

Power Keeper - All wicket-keepers in your team get *2 the points

We will dive deeper into each booster in the next blog post, looking into how we can best maximize them, which matches stand out to play which boosters, etc.

Leagues & Prizes

Everyone is automatically entered into the global league with fans all across the world.

Like always, I don't see a country league where-in we used to be added to the country that we were supporting.

You can also create and join leagues competing with your friends!

There are some decent prizes for the overall league winners

Rank 2-5 Get a Signed Bat

Rank 6-20 $40 merchandise coupon to be used on ICC Official Merchandise Store

Rank 21-40 $20 merchandise coupon to be used on ICC Official Merchandise Store

ICC and Dream 11 could really have done better with those prizes.

Team Selection

Try to start with 443 formation. That is, 4 players from the first game (Australia v New Zealand), 4 players from the second game (England v Afghanistan) and 3 players from the third game (Sri Lanka v TBC). Also, it is advisable that you wait till the toss before making any final changes and setting up the team. Since rain is predicted for AusvNZ, try to have lesser players in case there is heavy rain.

The link for the Official Season Long Dream 11 Fantasy Game for ICC Men's World Cup T20 2022 is

Are you playing the Official Season Long Fantasy Game for ICC Men's World Cup T20 2022 powered by Dream 11?

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