Thursday, March 19, 2015

Create a Vibrant Workplace and Work Happily

Well, everyone spends most of his/ her time at the workplace and although one can enjoy their job but having a boring workplace or a cubicle can take a toll on the well being of the person. The cubicle is often seen as something that reveals the heart and the soul of the person who occupies it.

Work stations or cubicles are generally seen strewn around with files and papers, clips and notepads, pens and papers and stationary and occasionally with coffee stains!! Having a clean workplace that is bright enough is very important so that you can feel good about yourself and not feel the negative vibes around you. I have always kept my workplace in a tidy manner often using small tricks to make it more colorful and personal.

You can keep a photo frame of you with either your family or your friends on your table, looking at that alleviates the tension and stress in the hard times. Keep a bright pen holder to keep your stationary neatly arranged. Keep fluorescent post-its that can serve as reminders to you about the important tasks to be finished. You can also keep a small idol of Lord Ganesha or Laughing Buddha that you can look up to in times of need!! You can also embellish your walls with pieces of art, pictures or inspirational quotes that can lift the mood and which also serve as a conversation starter when somebody visits you!

Along with all of the above, having a good bright desktop also contributes to your output since that piece of device will help you get your work done and more often than not you will spend a lot of time glued to its screen throughout the day! I have always preferred desktops to laptops since they are sturdier and are more robust. I have also found that the working speed increases manifold with a desktop since they are more wide-screened and the ease of working increases with the mouse and num-pad!

So it is probably time that you brightened up your workplace and work smarter, be happier and wake up in the morning wanting to go at a place which you can call your home away from home!! Get down then, and get going!

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