Sunday, March 22, 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Semi Final Line Ups and Final Predictions

So all the 4 Quarter Final matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 have been played and the Semi Finalists have been short-listed. The Predictions that I had made regarding who will make the Semi Finals has proven to be almost correct! I had predicted – 

Semi Final 1: Sri Lanka vs New Zealand at Eden Park, Auckland on 24th March 2015

Semi Final 2: India vs Australia at SCG, Sydney on 26th March 2015

It is just Sri Lanka that has missed out and South Africa has taken their place.

Here is a small post looking ahead to the Semi Finals and my predictions for the Finals.

Semi Final Predictions:

Semi Final 1: South Africa vs New Zealand at Eden park, Auckland on 24th March 2015

South Africa broke their knockout hoodoo in their last match against Sri Lanka. New Zealand are a team that has never been in the Finals either, they have bowed out at the Semi Final stage on a number of occasions! Their epic Quarter Final clash in Bangladesh during the 2011 World Cup is still fresh in my mind and I look forward to another blockbuster!

Semi Final 2: India vs Australia at SCG, Sydney on 26th March 2015

India has gathered steam in this World Cup and their machinery is chugging along quite nicely. Their bowling has stood up and the fielding has improved. Batting was never a problem and that has blossomed too. Australia is a special team with a pretty daunting line up and they will have the home support at SCG. It will be the clash of the titans as India go head to head with the Australians.

Final Predictions:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Final: India vs New Zealand at MCG, Melbourne on 29th March 2015

I so want to see India in the Final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 but I do not think that India has the fire power or the artillery to win against the Australians. I will want India to win the World Cup in Melbourne but if they do not make it, then my second favorite team is New Zealand!!

This post is just a teaser. I will do the full Previews/ Reviews of both the Semi Finals/ Finals so stay tuned!!

What are your predictions on the big matches coming up?


Mohini said...

Wow! DS, your cricket love and blogging all through the world cup, just amazing. :)

DS said...

@ Mohini - Thank You Mohini! It has been a great journey for me blogging wise, almost 70 posts in the last 45 days! Thoroughly enjoyed the CWC15 :)