Sunday, March 1, 2015

Types of Mobile Screen Guards

Mobile phones were once used only for calling purposes and sending the occasional sms but lately the mobile phones have become a part of our life. The smart phones are very expensive and it is imperative that we take good care of them. We would not like to see our phone damaged or soiled or a large scratch mark right in the middle of the screen as that severely affects our experience. We men generally keep our cell phones in our trouser or jeans pocket and girls carry it in their handbags. There is a reasonable chance that the screen may get damaged as it comes in contact with metallic objects like zips, coins and other sharp objects. The best option to protect your mobile phone screen from getting damaged is to use screen guards. There are different types of screen guards available in the market and you can choose depending on your use and likability.

Clear or Glossy Screen Guard

These Screen Guards give a shiny finish to your screen and are the best option in my opinion if you are using your smart phone to watch a lot of digital media or play games or surf image loaded websites. They sort of enhance the picture quality and give a much sharper colors thus enhancing the whole experience. They give a smooth finish and the protection is hardly visible. They might not give very good results when using outdoors though as they reflect light and can be used only if you increase the brightness level in your settings. These also tend to get dirty often as the fingerprints and dust gathers on it quickly. Thus it becomes imperative to regularly clean them with a soft cloth to retain the high user experience.

Matte Screen Guard

These screen guards are superb when you have to use your smart phones in the outdoors for a long time. They are anti glare, UV resistant and anti fingerprints and provide a very sturdy protection for the screen of our beloved mobile phones. They are better when you do not use the phone for images and movies as the Matte finish hinders with the performance in that case. The Matte Screen Guards are thus best if the phone is used outdoors or in bright light as the anti glare feature comes into prominence. It is also believed that the Matte finish provides better touch experience.

Thus when you shell out thousands for your smart phone it is a wise decision to spend a few more and protect your mobile screen from scratches, dust, damage and scraping. Choose your mobile screen guards depending on the usage of your phone and you will fall in love with your smart phone even more!!

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