Monday, March 2, 2015

Points Table of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - Permutations and Combinations!

Let us look at the current situation of the Points Table of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Let us see who will finish at what spot and all the permutations and combinations.

Pool A

New Zealand440008+3.589
Sri Lanka431006+0.128

As you can see from the points table New Zealand should comfortably top the Pool A. They have games against Bangladesh and Afghanistan in hand and they should win both of them. The fight for the second place will be between Australia and Sri Lanka who will go head to head this Sunday at Sydney. The winner of that clash should finish at the second place in Pool A. The loser will take the third place. It is the fourth place that will see a battle between England, Bangladesh and possibly Afghanistan. The game between England and Bangladesh should be a virtual knock-out and the team winning that one should take the fourth place.

Pool B

South Africa321004+1.260
West Indies422004-0.313

India should top the Pool B if they manage to defeat West Indies in their game against them in Perth on the 6th of March. That should not be a difficult task for the Men in Blue considering the current form of the two teams. South Africa will easily take the 2nd place as they have games against Ireland, UAE and Pakistan left. West Indies, Ireland and Pakistan will battle for the remaining two spots. The Ireland Zimbabwe match will be a very important match for all these three teams and the result of that match could very well decide if West Indies or Pakistan miss out on the Quarter Final berth. If Ireland win that then they will have 6 points and there could be a three way tie with all the teams on 6 points and net run rate will come in to the picture.

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